The Puffalicious Body Wash System comes in 2 Fragrance collections:

The Spa Collection Scents: 
Soothing Aloe  •   Floral Fantasy •  Frosty Mint •  Green Tea Harmony  •   Lavender Lullaby •   Rejuvenating Rose

The Luscious Collection Scents: 
Toasted Almond  •  Raspberry Parfait  •  Vanilla Mist •  Caribbean Coconut  •   Strawberry Kiss  •    Forbidden Nectar


Introducing the PuffaliciousTM Body Wash System

The Puffalicious Body Wash System is a Revolutionary and Luxurious new way to shower!  Each kit contains a Pocket Pouf and 30 bathing beads.  There are 6 different fragrances, each one developed to suit your daily mood. The beautifully shaped and colored bath beads can be kept in the original package or displayed in your finest crystal bowl. 

No more mess or clutter in your shower.  Since there are no empty bottles to discard, it's environmentally friendly!

Start your day the indulgent way with Puffalicious Poufs!

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